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All athletes ages 8 years and older can participate in the below sports.


A game played by two teams of eleven, seven or five players with a round ball that may not be touched with the hands or arms during play except by the goalkeepers. The object of the game is to score goals by kicking or heading the ball into the opponents' goal.


​Swimming is an individual or team sport that uses arms and legs to move the body through water. ... Swimming is varied distance events in butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle, individual medley, and team relays. Offered with and without flotation devices.



Bocce is played with eight large balls and one smaller target or object ball called a pallina. There are four balls per team and they are made of a different color or pattern to distinguish the balls of one team from those of the other team.

The game is played with two teams, with each team having one, or two players. For two player teams, each player throws two balls. For one player teams, each player throws four balls.


Bowling, also called tenpins, game in which a heavy ball is rolled down a long, narrow lane toward a group of objects known as pins, the aim being to knock down more pins than an opponent.​


A snowshoe is footwear for walking over snow. Snowshoes work by distributing the weight of the person over a larger area so that the person's foot does not sink completely into the snow, a quality called "flotation". Snowshoeing is a form of hiking.

Track & Field (Athletics)

​Track and field events allow athletes to use their running, jumping and throwing skills to win competitions.  Track and field events can be performed as individual sports or as a team sport.

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